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Uniform Policy

In order to promote a positive learning environment and comply with the provisions of the safe and violence-free school initiative and counteract the influence of gang presence in the community and equalize the effect of different family income levels; the School Site Council (SSC) has established the following School Uniform Policy.
Students in Grades Kindergarten to 6th enrolled at the Fairbanks Elementary School in the Twin Rivers Unified School District are expected to adhere to the following Dress Code:
  • Tops - Students will be allowed to wear solid plain white, navy blue or light blue t-shirts or school logo t-shirts. No logos other than the school logo will be allowed. Collared shirts are not required. No spaghetti straps, cropped shirts, tank tops are allowed. Jackets, sweatshirts or any other outwear apparel free of logos or solid red are allowed.
  • Bottoms - Students will be allowed to wear navy blue, blue jeans or khaki pants, shorts, jumpers, dresses, skorts provided they are fingertip length and contain no logos. Saggy or baggy pants, skin tight clothing or distressed bottoms with holes are prohibited. No clothing is allowed to drag on the ground.
  •  Belts are to be worn properly within belt loops.
  • Hats are discouraged at school. Only hats to protect from cold or hot weather are allowed and cannot be solid red. Athletic clothing is not allowed. 
  • Shoes – Solid red shoes, sandals, flip flops, heals or slippers are not allowed. Shoes must be closed toe and have a back.
  • Last Friday of each month:  Free dress. Please remember that dress code is still in effect for these days which does include no red or open toed shoes.    
       The expectation of the policy is for all students to adhere to the Dress Code.  Parents /Guardians are expected to support the Uniform Policy.  If a student comes to school wearing inappropriate attire, the school staff will:
  • Student will be sent to the office and the parent may be ask to bring a change of clothing to school for students to change into.
  • If communication is not successful student may be asked to wear a loaned t-shirt & must be returned at the end of the school day.
  • Any student who continually fails to comply with the dress code the parents will be notify in writing. If parent or students do not abide by the dress code, this will lead to further disciplinary action.
  • A parent meeting will occur when the dress code continues not to be followed.
The SSC will establish a sub-committee to monitor the implementation and evaluate the effectiveness of the School Uniform Policy.  The sub-committee will contain representatives from staff, parents, and student group.
Your signature below indicates that you understand and agree to adhere to the school’s uniform dress policy and you will make sure your student (s) will be in the school uniform every day.