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What is PTA?
PTA is an acronym for Parent Teacher Association.

It is a group of parents and families who work in association with the school to impact the lives of our students in a positive manner.

What is the goal of the PTA?
The PTA is an additional resource of support made up of parents and school staff to positively impact the lives of our students, families and communities.

Currently, the PTA organizes many student fundraisers to raise money for additional student and school support may school funding may have been eliminated by budget constraints.

The PTA also works in conjunction with our after school program to offer special after school events for students and families in our community.

Why join the PTA?

This is a great way to more effectively suggest change at your child's school.

It is also a great opportunity to meet other parents and teachers and begin building a rapport to discuss issues or concerns that may be on your mind about your child's school.

How do I know if I have the right experience to join the PTA?
Of course you have the experience to be a part of PTA!

By sharing your personal skills, experience and hobbies you will be impacting not only your children but all of the children in this community.

Is the PTA only for women?
The PTA is made up of both women and men.

What if I don't speak English?
You can still join the PTA.

We will provide translators if necessary at our meetings and events.

There is no better way to get connected with your child's school. You will discover wonderful programs not only for students but for parents and families as well.  When you volunteer to become a part of Fairbanks Elementary PTA you will watch yourself grow, learn and be part of a group that will look back years from now and be able to say, "those students succeeded because of my support and involvement at their school."

**If you are interested in rebooting our PTA please see the secretary and principal in the main office.